Unit 4: Business Environment

You are a business consultant and were approached by a client organisation from one of the following industries which operate in both the UK and India

Grocery retailing (supermarket)

The client organisation would like to see: a comparison of the chosen industry’s performance in both countries between 2010 and 2019; the potential reasons  (such as economic and the other) for the differences or similarities;  a comparison of major competitors’ market size changes in each country over the same period; the potential reasons that some competitors did better than others; and your recommendation with regard to whether or not to expand in both or either of the two countries.


Data is available on Mintel and Passport 

The format for the work is a business report.

You should include at least 10 references (including journal articles, books, reports etc.)

This assessment is testing Module Learning outcomes
LO1 Demonstrate an ability to recognize the dynamic business environment of different countries
LO2 Demonstrate an ability to investigate and explain international and global aspects of the business environment
LO3 Demonstrate an ability to explain and comment on the impact of recent macroeconomic and financial developments on business

  • The required referencing style for your assignment.

Whilst many modules require referencing in accordance with the Harvard Referencing convention, some modules – for example those within the School of Law – require Oxford Referencing. Please familiarise yourself with the requirements of your module.

  • Submission of your work
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