Unit 4: Business Environment

Assignment 1: Individual poster presentation. Poster presentation. You will work individually to produce an electronic Power-point presentation with 10 slides and accompanying notes explaining the implications of the factors below on an organisation of your choice. You will need to produce a Power Point presentation slides with accompanying notes, which includes: – PESTLE analysis, – SWOT analysis, – Market Share, – Future recommendations. This task gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about different aspects of the module. You should use module materials from the lecture inputs and CANVAS, and research each topic by reading widely.  Task 1 is about how business is impacted by uncontrollable macro-environmental factors. Guidance: To complete this task, consider how the organization (details of the organization will be provided by the module leader) can identify key changes in the environment and identify whether any recent responses taken by the company/brand to key changes in the environment have been successful. Use your PESTLE analysis, you should assess whether there may be any environmental impact in the near future. Completing a SWOT analysis helps to understand the current operating environment of the organisation and you should present this in table form. Future recommendations are regarded as important information that helps inform the organization the direction to take. You should use a range of industry sources to gather your information.  Any statement you make should be substantiated in some way by referencing articles, texts, journals etc., thus demonstrating that you have an understanding of the theoretical concepts, which underpin management practices.  If you quote from an academic source you should reference your statement using the Harvard system of referencing. This assessment is testing Module Learning outcomes
LO1 Describe how the controllable variables such as the marketing mix and the micro and macro uncontrollable variables impact upon an organisation’s activities.
LO2 Distinguish and select appropriate marketing tools within a structured situation
LO3 Recognise and explain through knowledge and understanding the marketing theories, models and concepts within the business environment