Unit 4: Business Environment



How does ‘cultural globalisation’ lead to increased interconnectedness of societies’ food,
fashion, and/or music?

Word Count: 1500 words [including in-text references and reference list]. Reference: -Total of 10 references (APA referencing style). Important resource: Macionis J. & Plummer K, (2012) Sociology: A Global Introduction, 5th edition, Pearson Education, Essex, United Kingdom.
Following criteria: – Essay should be in the following criteria
Introduction: – Background information
Thesis statement: – how you intend to answer the essay question.
Outline of essay: – a list of key points to be raised in the body of the essay.
Body: – The main section of the essay where the question is answered. Consists of discrete sections that revolve around the central ideas which were identified in the introduction. Sections do not necessarily correspond to paragraphs. A general rule is: “One idea per paragraph” and there may be several ideas in one section. Sections/paragraphs must follow a logical path and consist of specific structural elements (e.g. ‘linking sentences’) that guide the reader from one idea to the next.
Conclusion: – Summarises the body’s main Ideas State how you have answered the question No new information is entered here.

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