Introduction Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is one of the neurodegenerative disorders which is usually seen among adults. This critical essay will critically evaluate a research study initiated by Giebel et al. 2019. The aim of the study undertaken by Giebel et al. 2019was to examine how multi-disciplinary staff can change how they work with people […]


Introduction This critical essay aims to demonstrate the role of schizophrenia spectrum disorder and evaluate its position in terms of RN/Paramedic, research robustness, and reference to a psychosocial issue, apart from that it also focuses on aspects like the impact of schizophrenia in terms of a patient’s life and the health and well-being of the […]

MGMT3017 Supply Chain Digitalisation

Introduction The digitalization of the supply chain is transforming the analog processes of the supply chain into digital processes. The main contributor in terms of technology in the digitalization of the supply chain is machine learning technology, AI. Digitizing the supply chain process greatly enhances the free cash flows and increases the production rate. This […]


Part 1: Literature Review 1. Introduction The literature review will focus on the different views of the authors about the disparities faced by the remote and rural populations in Australia. The rural and remote population in Australia faces disparities in accessing healthcare services due to the lack of educational facilities, geographical isolation, and lack of […]


Introduction According to the researchers De Bakker, et al. (2019), business ethics and sustainable practice refer to the fact that in business organizations there is a need to adopt ethical behavior to ensure that sustainable practices are there to employment in the business for a good business. In this reflective report, the discussion will be […]


Introduction The overall Australian healthcare sector has been observing a shortage of medical professionals as of late, this is more prevalent in rural and remote areas. As healthcare systems become more inclusive, there will be more opportunities for nurses to lead healthcare development. This research aims to understand clinical leadership and its relevance in the […]

Case Study Sample – 1

Introduction Mr Brian May is a 62-year-old man who was admitted to the emergency department following an automobile accident. Mr. May just lost his wife to pancreatic cancer six months ago, leaving him a widower. He is presently a lone resident in the little village of Wudinna. He informed the ambulance drivers and medical staff […]

Ear Health

Introduction The report has been a subsection that contains a brief description of the factors that might affect your health and the strategies to improve your health. The final section contains a summary of the main points that have been addressed in this report. Discussion Reason for choosing this topic 360 million people, or more […]

Essay on Cardiovascular Nursing

More than 33% of all passports in top-level salary countries of the industrialized world are brought about via cardiovascular illness (CVD), which is additionally the primary driver of bleakness and mortality (Blacker et al. 2020). With around 25% of all fatalities ascribed to CVD, it is the significant reason for noncommunicable dismalness and mortality in […]

Social determinants of Health

Introduction This assignment is a reflective summary that will discuss the two vital social determinants that are related to health and their contribution to the health and illness of a particular local government area. The two determinants that have been chosen for this assignment are education and income and the chosen local government area in […]