Change and Leadership (715N1)

Introduction: The concept of change management in an organization is perceived as a structured approach to the introduction of transitioning among the teams, organizations and individuals from existing states in the organization towards a specific desired state in the future. The requirements of change management in the present business environment could be identified in the […]

What Makes A Good Leader?

Introduction: Change is an inevitable aspect of every contemporary business organization which should be realized the earnest for accomplishing novel avenues to perfection. The definitions of change can be tailored according to the requirements of the context in which the change is implemented. However, change management has been considered a structured approach that would be […]


Executive Summary The report primarily showcases the leadership style of Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google. The traits theory has been used to identify the main traits of the entrepreneur which has helped him to succeed in his business endeavor. Since he is regarded to be one of the most influential leaders of […]

Assignment Sample

Introduction: The opportunities available in international markets have increased tenfold in recent years with the opening of business prospects in different markets such as China, Europe, and the Middle East. The prospects for leveraging opportunities for exports, investment, partnership, and sourcing in international markets have become prominent in the contemporary domain of business management. The […]

Financial Modelling

Introduction In this project, the provided data set has been used to analyze the returns as per the study of Dow Jones averages. The data has been analyzed with the help of Excel, and its various functionalities and tools, the report has been made based on the results obtained. The report has been divided into […]

Gender / sex / morals

1. Introduction While selecting the advertisement campaign, all the business undertakings have to assess the advertising environment thoroughly so that the effectiveness of the advertising strategy can be improved on a global scale. The key factors relating to laws and advertising, gender, sex and morals, use of celebrities as brands, and humour must be taken […]

Labor Market Analysis Report

Introduction The report revolves around the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings Statistical data. The statistical data for only one year has been taken into account here so that the pay variation that arises in the occupational scenario can be analyzed. One of the major concerns in the labor market today is the poor pay […]

Power, Influence & Leadership Models

Introduction:  The definition of a leader is not attributed to a formal position of leadership or others’ perception of an individual as a leader. One of the most effective definitions of leadership could be identified in the ability to induce positive change thereby benefitting other individuals, the society, and the community. It is also essential […]

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Introduction  The distinction between quantitative and qualitative research is very general, abstract as well as its value is usually taken for granted. Many such research techniques show the clear distinction between quantitative and qualitative research and its popularity risks leads to unfortunate consequences. Various arguments are raised regarding these two methods, and there are some […]

Flexible work arrangements

Introduction There have been dramatic changes in the work as well as family lives of the employees which also have been observed in the households that are run by dual-earners as well as in the families that have single parents (Kim, Kim & Kim, 2017). The changes in the family and work lives have also […]