Thermofluid Engineering Applications +44-7588-808382 (Flow Processing of Liquor in a Mineral Refining Plant) SARS-COV-2: CAUSATIVE AGENT OF COVID-19 Introduction Metal has been known to be the foundation of the present civilization. Metals are extracted from the deep layers of earth where they are present in different chemical forms, along with several impurities. To extract metal from its […]

Learning Journal Entry 2 +44-7588-808382 Case Analysis Build-a-bear WORK FUNCTIONS IN MAPLE LEAF FOOD INC In the given case, it is observed that Maxine Clark has a creative and innovative personality. She is always ready to take risks and due to this characteristic, the organization gets successful in its business operations. She has effective communication skills and innovative […]

LX2082: Land Law Sample +44-7588-808382 Beneficial Interest and Its Consequences The legal owner of the property (6 Plough Lane), according to the given case study is Barney, while Talia owns a beneficial interest in the property. The ownership of the land in England and Whales is specifically dealt with in two main ways-legal ownership and beneficial ownership.  A […]

Assessment Task: Reflective Analysis +44-7588-808382 Part 1 Mind Map and Reflection In the highly competitive and dynamic international organizational environment, I want to function in a business organization that functions in the marketing industry. In the current times, the industry is flourishing at a rapid pace, thus I could get the opportunity to grow and expand my employability […]


Introduction: The prosperity of business and the growth of the organization is becoming tougher in the current competitive environment experiencing many financial and nonfinancial uncertainties or issues. This deals with the necessity of addressing market requirements and enhancing the quality of products or services to meet customer satisfaction. The following study would elaborate on the […]

Business Model Deconstruction

Introduction In the dynamic business setting, every business organization tries to bring about a certain degree of innovation to its functions and processes so that it can have a competitive edge against its industry rivals (Amanullah, et al., 2015). In the rapidly evolving economic setting, businesses need to be agile to identify the core opportunities […]

Product Life Cycle & Product Innovation – A Case Study of Maggie

Introduction  The concept of the product life cycle has been a very significant aspect of the growth of business of any business organization.  It is advanced in regards to the planning of a new product as an assistant to the strategic formulation. The structuring of strategic proposals leads to the requirement for the assessment of […]

Video Report – System Thinking

Introduction The systems thinking exercise has fundamentally three segments that help to understand the truth involved to collaborate functions and make sense of the ultimate “thing”. For example, different people use different methods to explain the process of making a toast. Some people emphasize the supply chain, people components, or the process involved. But the […]

Section 1 Planning the Audit

Identification of main risk areas and reasons thereof: Business Risk –  The main business risks that are faced by Ecochemicals Ltd (ECL) include the possibility of lower profits and revenue due to the extensive competition in the market context. This form of risk even gives rise to the obsolete risk which further impacts its business […]

Work Place Reporting

PART A  The issue is that there have been various issues of the negligence of caregivers in regards to the failure of the lifting of patients in the health care and social setting.  An improvement that should be considered is the creation of awareness and a sense of accountability among the health and social care […]