Students are assigned many assignment papers in schools and universities. With the assignments, there are also tight deadlines associated with it. The students have to complete the assigned paper within a limited period which is challenging. There are also times when the students are assigned topics which are not familiar to them, or they have no idea about the context.

In those cases, many students struggle to complete their assignment on time. When the topic is known, and you have studied the subject, it is easier to write an essay on it within some time. When the topic is completely unknown to you, you have very little or no knowledge on the subject; it is challenging to write an essay on it.

Students often turn to their friends or classmates to get some idea about an unfamiliar topic, but your classmates can provide an idea as per their perspective and understanding. To write an essay on a specific topic, you need to have a detailed understanding of that particular subject. Hence, you can adopt the following tips and techniques to write an effective essay on any unfamiliar subject.

1. Consider it as a new field of learning

Some students get stressed or panicked when they are assigned with some new topic on which they have no idea. The fear of doing the assignment may stop you from accomplishing it. Instead of panicking, consider it as a new opportunity to learn something new. The new context of the essay will make you more interested in exploring and acquiring knowledge of the new field. Considering it as a way of educating yourself will encourage you in completing the assignment successfully.

2. A thorough research

Once after encouraging yourself to get through a new thing, you should initiate ample research on the topic. You need research for every topic to write an essay about whether you are familiar with the subject or not. When the topic is completely unknown to you, research is the only key to unlock various aspects of the assigned topic. You can do the research both online and offline.

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Take the help of your professors and fellow classmates to understand the topic. Refer to some books, research online to gain knowledge about the context. You need a proper understanding of the subject you are assigned for writing an essay. Research on the topic from various sources makes you understand the subject. Students are recommended to invest some time in extensive research on the new topic before initiating essay writing on it.

3. Sum up what you have understood

Summing up the entire research is helpful for your understanding. By summarizing what you have understood, you can efficiently build an outline. As you have to write an essay in a descriptive and organized manner, you have to arrange the entire essay in your mind. Summing up will help you in proceeding to the next step 

4. Outline as per your research

After summing up your research, it becomes easier for you to create an outline for the entire essay. As you are assigned with an unfamiliar topic, it is even more important for you to outline the essay while initiating the writing. Outline of the essay helps you in organizing the paper appropriately, which make the reader interested in your paper.

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5. Emphasize on uniqueness

After understanding a topic properly, it is not hard to write on context elaborately. When you are writing an essay, regardless of the topic, make sure you incorporate your unique style of writing in it. Do not copy anything from the sources, use the sources as a reference, write in your language. It will help you in creating unique content. Students are advised to make their writing different from others by applying creativity and understanding. The uniqueness of content make readers interested in your paper.

6. Edit

When you are writing an essay on an unfamiliar topic, it is common that you will make mistakes. Write what is in your mind, and then arrange it as per the topic. Edit your content by adding something or eliminating some irrelevant content from the essay. Make sure you write relevant things that are subject-oriented and interesting. Remove the stuff which is irrelevant or unnecessary.

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7. Proofreading is must

Proofreading is mandatory, does not matter what you write. When the topic is new to you, proofreading is even more important. You have to make sure that your essay does not have any grammatical error, sentence formation is right, and the content you write is authentic. Through this, you can prevent mistakes in the essay before submitting it.

Writing an essay on an unfamiliar topic is challenging, also give the students a great opportunity to explore new fields and new things. The students can follow these simple tips and techniques to write an effective essay on a completely new context.